Trinerva technologies provide integrated mobile solutions that understand what the market and users need.

Our solution streamlines all sales process into a non-hassle, easy to use platform that focuses on the results you want:
Build Up Sales.

Speed and Convenience is King

Speed and Convenience
is King

Gone are the days of having to deal with tons of messy paperworks and inefficient sales closing.

With our integrated mobile solutions called TIMS, everything is done digitally and online, giving your agents and buyers a seamless purchasing experience. This will increase sales for your business and improve customer satisfaction.

Always be a Step Ahead of Your Competitors

Always be a Step Ahead of
Your Competitors

Our solutions not only handle current sales, but also prepare you for potentially more sales in the future by tapping into the power of real-time customer analytics.

Our Core Solutions


  • Go Paperless
    Agents can submit sales online, and your product can also be bought directly online.
  • Power of Automation
    Automate your internal sales process for reduced turnover time and more profit.
  • Be in Control
    Track your product, sales and get real-time analytics on your customer usage.

Mobile Payments

  • Connect Wirelessly
    Pay anytime, anywhere with M-Pos, a payment device that connects wirelessly to phone.
  • Go Cashless
    Cashless solutions allow your customers to pay fast and securely without hassle.

Why Trinerva?

Result-Driven Solutions

All our solutions are specifically designed in mind to help your sales agents sell better and faster, while cutting down on unnecessary time and money consuming expenditures.

Industry Standard Company

We are an MSC Status Company since 2011, as well as Microsoft’s Certified Cloud Partner. This gives us the competing edge in technological development, support and infrastructure.

Concise Understanding of Market Requirements

Some of Trinerva's partners include top industry players in the banking, insurance, and telecommunication line. We provide the most relevant and up-to-date solutions based on the market demand.

Continuous Product and Service Improvement

Here at Trinerva, we never take your success for granted. We are continuously coming up with new innovations to keep you ahead of your competitors.

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